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Are you ready to tell the story of your property in a way that captivates potential buyers? Welcome to That Cleaning Crew – your premier choice in Pre-Sale Cleaning services.

We understand that your property is not just a house; it’s a story waiting to be discovered by its next owner.

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Our Process

Unlock the Charm of Your Property

Prepare to elevate your property’s appeal with our specially designed Pre-Sale Cleans.

Crafted for houses getting ready to hit the market, our meticulous cleaning services focus on key areas, ensuring a pristine and inviting presentation that goes beyond bricks and mortar.

What Sets Us Apart

Comprehensive Services

Our Pre-Sale Cleans cover every detail, from fan blades to power points, walls, wardrobes, and more. We don’t just clean; we enhance the unique features that make your property stand out.

Options for Every Need

Tailor your cleaning package with additional services like mould removal, carpet cleaning, and pressure cleaning. Because your property deserves a custom touch.

Showcase Your Home's Potential

At That Cleaning Crew, we understand the impact of a lasting first impression.

Our Pre-Sale Cleans are designed to showcase your property in the best possible light, ensuring a smooth and successful sale.

Schedule your pre-sale cleaning service and let your property’s story unfold.

Story: A Son's Love Unveils Memories

In Newcastle’s quiet neighbourhoods, Mrs. Anderson’s house held a lifetime of memories. As she decided to sell, her son James faced a daunting task—too many memories, too much clutter.  That’s when he turned to That Cleaning Crew.

The Pre-Sale Cleaning wasn’t just about tidying up; it was a journey through decades of family history. The team, understanding the sentimental value, carefully decluttered and cleaned, turning each room into a canvas for a new story. As potential buyers walked in, the house, once overwhelming, became a legacy. With gratitude, James handed over the keys, not just selling a property but passing on a lifetime of love.

That Cleaning Crew didn’t just clean; they helped unveil a mother’s legacy, turning a house into a cherished home.

That Cleaning Crew – Transforming Memories into New Beginnings.

Read James’s testimonials as well as others…

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Our Offering

Tailored Services, Tailored Stories

Our services go beyond cleaning; they’re about telling the story of your property.

Opt for additional services like mould removal to create a healthier living space, carpet cleaning to revive the soul of your floors, or pressure cleaning to give your property a fresh, exterior glow.

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Customer Testimonials

“Choosing That Cleaning Crew was a profound decision during a sentimental journey. As I prepared to sell my mother’s house, laden with memories, the task was overwhelming. That Cleaning Crew transformed the process into a labour of love. Their Pre-Sale Cleaning not only tidied up spaces but delicately preserved the essence of a home.

As potential buyers stepped in, the house, once filled with memories, became a legacy waiting for a new family. That Cleaning Crew didn’t just clean; they understood the heart behind every item, turning a daunting task into a beautiful tribute.

Thank you, That Cleaning Crew, for being the caring hands that turned my mother’s house into a cherished home.”

James, Grateful Son and Home Seller

“Absolutely amazing! The team has outdone themselves by going above and beyond! I moved in and they turned the place into a shabby studio into a fantabulos funky home!! Thank you That Cleaning Crew!! Would definitely use again and recommend to everyone!!”



“Glenn and Suzi were efficient, competent and friendly. They did an excellent job cleaning both our homes and communicated clearly before, during and after the clean. I would highly recommend them.”